''Sepia'': ENH's 5th and most personal EP/Album

EveryNowHere // T.L. Mazumdar's latest EP 'Sepia' is a deep dive into the correlations between songwriting and the subconscious mind, with revisits of songs, some of which were written as an adolescent amidst domestic unrest, cultural crossfire, and a…

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'Vignette' : Debut Solo Piano Album Out Now

Vignette: T.L. Mazumdar aka EveryNowHere 

Press Release. 

‘It’ll be over soon’. 

Two weeks after I made it back to my teaching gig in Germany on one of the last flights from London, the world went silent…

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Light Of Hope : Worldwide Release

Last year same time, I was signed to a label I loved in California, living and doing what I love amidst multiple countries and cities I loved and spending quality time with my loved ones preparing for a new year…

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