Dear Germany, (A Letter From A Coloured Countryman).

Handed to me at the BLM Protest in #Mannheim , Germany.

So there’s good news and bad news. And I’m going to make the kind of stereotypical presumption this letter is supposed to be protesting against, by saying…


Friend from college Lucas posted #coronabeats in Berlin. We collabed. Here’s what went down.

Stay safe. 


Fun facts if you're still reading: 'Still We Shiver' belongs to a catalog of songs i've never released and only…

Nobody Here : US/Worldwide Release

In the midst of a global pandemic and on my birthday, I released my most personal song as EveryNowHere.  

The official video for this song was a collaboration with Kolkata Based artist #tattvamasi , with whom I share a…

Rainy Day : US/Worldwide Release

''If  T.L. Mazumdar’s debut single as EveryNowHere ‘Standing Still’ was the producer-composer singer-songwriter’s most sophisticated offering, his latest release ‘Rainy Day’ takes that newly found sophistication and strips it down to just the essential basic elements to create a concoction

Still We Shiver : New Exclusive Release.



For a guy who's relationship with music traces itself to a slightly (if unknowingly) desperate attempt at clinging onto something constant amidst a blur of changing backdrops that was home, the effect that some of these points in space…




If I may share a little personal tribute. To twelve years of a childhood spent in India. Old friends who would translate and teach me songs in a mother tongue I learnt as a foreigner in school halls.…

Rhythm is a Chancer.

A few years ago, while on the flight back from the UK on a family visit, I picked up a copy of Songlines magazine. Running through the ever-so-slightly presumable palette of world music on the sampler CD included while…